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Peaceful Living Fiscal Agent Services allows for independence and self-direction, relieving individuals and their families the tedious demands of payroll. Peaceful Living Fiscal Agent Services helps establish you as an employer.

It is the employer’s responsibility for hiring, training, supervising, evaluating, discharging employees and is accountable for compliance with all applicable federal and state employment laws. Peaceful Living Fiscal Agent Services is not the employer. Peaceful Living Fiscal Agent Services will provide administrative support by providing; wages to your employee(s), payment of payroll taxes, conduct background checks, processing of employment related information and record keeping.

We offer the following to our customers:

  • Personal relationships
  • Prompt and courteous resolution to issues
  • Teamwork
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Record keeping
  • We make your lives easier

Fiscal Agency Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions:

What is a Fiscal Employer Agent?
A Fiscal Employer Agent, also known as a fiscal intermediary, relieves individuals receiving services and their families of the tedium of writing vendor and payroll checks and paying withholdings to state and federal agencies.

What is the difference between a provider agency and Peaceful Living Financial Agent Services?
A provider agency provides support services. If you use a provider, they supply staff and serve as the employer. Because the staff work for the provider agency, the agency is responsible for all the employer responsibilities: hiring, firing, training, payroll withholding, and filing, which includes a cost for this service.

With Peaceful Living Financial Agent Services, the individual receiving services is the employer. Therefore, you recruit, hire, schedule, and train your own employees. Often this can mean more support for the same dollars and more control for the individual receiving services.

How do I know if I should use a provider agency or Peaceful Living Financial Agent Services?
Being an employer is not for everyone. You are encouraged to weigh the pros and cons. Peaceful Living, LLC. is currently contracted with Southwest Family Care Alliance as a Managed Care Organization (MCO) for the delivery of Family Care services. Peaceful Living also has the ability to offer services through IRIS Program, County-based Services and Private Pay. However, if you want to employ your own support staff, be in total control of your support services, do some paperwork, and get more services for your money, Peaceful Living Fiscal Agent Services is your choice.

Can I do both?
Yes. Within the rules established by your program you have the flexibility to employ all of your supports directly or you can buy just the pieces you want from an agency. You can mix and match support options as your needs change. Peaceful Living Financial Agent Services will be there to help you regardless of what combination you choose.

How do I manage my budget/allotment/authorization?
Participant is responsible for monitoring and not using more service hours than approved for by the case manager. Participant will be notified by Peaceful Living Fiscal Agent Services if service hours have been exceeded. Participant will be responsible for making the payment of any wages and expenses that exceed the amount authorized in Member’s authorized plan, and are the result of overtime worked by an Employee. Peaceful Living Fiscal Agent Service will work with Participant, as requested, to establish a tracking system to track the total number of budgeted service hours authorized and used.

What forms should I use to get started?
The forms provided on the website are for Providers/Members and Employees. You can email or call to request a complete packet of Provider/Member and Employee forms to be mailed to you.

How do I contact Peaceful Living Fiscal Agent Services?
Contact us at 715-386-3768 today to discuss your options, or email us at [email protected]
Office hours are Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST. If you call before or after regular business hours, your call will be returned within one business day.

When can my employee start?
We need to have received all necessary participant/member, and employee enrollment forms that are properly filled out, as well as the participant’s budget/allotment/authorization to receive services from the support coordinator/case manager
How long will it take for my employee to be eligible to provide services?
It depends on how long it takes for the employee to submit all of their enrollment forms. The forms must be accurately and completely filled-out. Once we receive a form, it will be processed within two business days.

Why is my employee inactive?
The following are reasons why an employee is inactive:
We received termination paperwork from the employer.
We have not received all of the accurately and completely filled-out forms for them to be eligible to provide services.
The employee had not passed the required Caregiver Background Check.
An “Okay to Work” letter was not issued.

Why didn’t my employee get paid? -or- Why did my employee get short-paid?
If your employee is not going to be paid or will be shorted pay, we will call the employer while we are processing payroll and let them know why. Some reasons why your employee may not have gotten paid or was shorted pay are:

  • We may not have received the timesheet for the dates of service
  • There may have been errors on the time submitted
  • Duplicate dates/times
  • Illegible handwriting
  • Missing signatures
  • AM/PM
  • not selected/filled in
  • Notes affixed to timesheet when faxed in
  • Overnight hours written incorrectly
  • A paper timesheet may have been submitted for future time (we cannot pay time that has not been worked yet)
  • The employee may not have been active in our system for the dates of service
  • The participant, employer or employee may not be active in our system due to missing paperwork
  • The participant’s budget/allotment/authorization may have run out of money

When will my direct deposit start?
Direct deposit will start immediately after the direct deposit has been received. Employees have the option of direct deposit into a checking or savings account or requesting a rapid! Paycard.

Why are taxes being taken out of my employee’s paycheck when I pay employer taxes?
We are required to deduct taxes from a participant’s budget/allotment/authorization for employer taxes. These include federal and state unemployment taxes, Medicare and Social Security taxes. The taxes that are deducted from the employee’s paycheck are the same taxes that would be taken out if he/she worked anywhere else. These include federal and state income taxes, FICA and Medicare.

If I want to hire an additional employee/personal care assistant or replace the employee/personal care assistant I already have, who should I contact for assistance?
Please contact Peaceful Living Fiscal Agent Services for assistance. The required forms that need to be completed in order to hire a new employee/personal care assistant.

Downloadable Forms

Participant (Family) Packet

Member Enrollment Packet Write Description
Member Record of Agreement
Employer Handbook
Participant Member Packet Cover
SS-4 Fein Application
State of WI Minor Labor Hours
WI Min Wage
Form 2678 Employer-Payer Appointment
Release of Confidential Information
Participant Enrollment Checklist
Application for Business tax registration

Joint Packet (Employee & Member)

2013-Pay-Period-Schedule Write Description
Employee Status Change Form
Instructions-for-Completing-Form I-9

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