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Fiscal Agency Services

06 Dec

Peaceful Living Fiscal Agent Services allows for independence and self-direction, relieving individuals and their families the tedious demands of payroll. Peaceful Living Fiscal Agent Services helps establish you as an employer. It is the employer’s responsibility for hiring, training, supervising, evaluating, discharging employees and is accountable for compliance with all applicable federal and state employment […]

Children Services

19 Nov

  Peaceful living has provided services for children under the age of 18 for ten years.  Peaceful Living provides services for children with cognitive, physical, and behavioral difficulties.  Peaceful Living will meet with the family, children and Caseworker and determine what services would be of benefit for the child and the family.   Private Pay […]

Adult Services with Disabilities

19 Oct

Peaceful Living provides a variety of services for adults with physical, emotional and cognitive abilities. (Private and State Funded programs) Peaceful Living provides in home and residential programs and support for individuals with cognitive, physical and emotional challenges. We understand that everyone’s needs and abilities are different and constantly evolving; making our services individualized to […]

Adult 24 hours Customized living Homes

19 Sep

Peaceful Living provides 24 hour customized living homes in the community. We believe in utilizing a team of care professionals to provide a holistic and rewarding approach to individuals and their families. The services we provide work in relation to each individual’s environment, needs, health, independence, family and community support. Our staff members are at […]

Geriatric/ Eldercare Services

19 Aug

Peaceful Living is a Home Health Agency in Minnesota and A Personal Care Agency in Wisconsin. Peaceful Living has provided in home and 24 hour care for 10 yrs.  Peaceful Living provides 3hr to 24 hours of care. Each client is unique and Peaceful living understands that so an assessment is done for each person […]